Innovare nuovi orizzonti nella gestione delle emorragie con i i test di coagulazione presso il POC

The QUANTRA system gives you the quick results you need at the POC to make safe treatment decisions in the event of critical bleeding.



  • Expandable test menu

  • QPlus Cartridge: Clotting Time (CT), Heparinase Clotting Time (CTH), CT / CTH Ratio (CTR), Clot Elasticity (CS), Contribution of Platelets to Caogual Elasticity (PCS); Contribution of Fibrinogen to Clot Elasticity (CSF)

  • QPlus result time: ≤ 15 min

  • QStat Cartridge: Clot Time (CT), Clot Elasticity (CS), Platelet Contribution to Clot Elasticity (PCS), Fibrinogen Contribution to Clot Elasticity (FCS)

  • QStat result time: ≤ 25 min

  • Test measurement progression: start <2 min; partial result: 5 min; complete: ≤ 15 min

  • Stability of the Clot on Lysis (CSL): ≤ 60 min

  • Closed, automatic and safe system

  • Patented ultrasound technology “SEER Sonorheometry” (without moving parts in contact with the clot) SEER Sonorheometry “(without moving parts in contact with the clot).

  • Insensitive to vibrations

  • Built-in and automatic Quality Control

  • Excellent accuracy (CV <8%)

  • Intuitive display

  • High correlation with laboratory standards and viscoelastic tests

  • Possibility of connecting LIS / HIS, Medical Record

  • Remote access – a convenient online diagnostic tool

  • Small size: (WxHxD) 36 x 49 x 30 cm

  • Weight: 16.5 kg

QUANTRA is a safe and fully automated analyzer, it allows 4 tests to be performed simultaneously with a single multichannel cartridge (QStat) and provides, in less than 15 minutes, 6 parameters for an evaluation of the different aspects of coagulation.
The results are presented in an extremely simple way on the display: the intuitive “dashboard” visualization allows immediate interpretation and allows safe and rapid therapeutic decisions.

Scientific studies show that performing POC viscoelastic tests improves patient management and care by reducing hospital stays, complications associated with bleeding and transfusions, as well as costs associated with the use of blood and blood products.